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Official Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack Vinyl

In collaboration with SEGA & Wave Master International, we are proud to offer the international CD and Vinyl editions of the Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack! This exhaustive Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack features the main theme “Fist Bump” composed by series veteran Tomoya Ohtani and Vocals & Lyrics by Douglas Robb (Hoobastank), “Theme of Infinite” Vocals & Lyrics by Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane (Dangerkids), and many more amazing tracks—some of which are performed by the world-famous London Symphony Orchestra! This international edition also comes with an exclusive Resistance bonus sticker and a poster featuring composers comments and lyrics, fully translated in English. These editions feature the complete soundtrack, including “Fist Bump”—the Sonic Forces main theme written and performed by Douglas Robb (Hoobastank), “Theme of Infinite” by Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane (Dangerkids) and much more! This soundtrack is composed by: Tomoya Ohtani, Naofumi Hataya, Kenichi Tokoi and Takahito Eguchi. Vinyl Disc 1 - Side A: 01 Fist Bump 02 Infinite 03 Fighting onward - Space Port 04 Nowhere to Run - Prison Hall Vinyl Disc 1 - Side B: 01 Justice - Park Avenue 02 Moonlight battlefied - Aqua Road 03 Virtual Enemies - Capital City 04 Set in Motion - Guardian Rock 05 Fist Bump - SXSW ver. Vinyl Disc 2 - Side C: 01 Sunset Heights 02 Ghost Town 03 Battle with infinite - First Bout 04 Battle with Metal Sonic (US ver. Remix) 05 Eggman's facility (Rhythm and Balance Remix) 06 Battle with Mega Death Egg Robot - Final Phase Vinyl Disc 2 - Side D: 01 Fading Worls - Imperial Tower 02 The Light of Hope 03 This is Our World 04 Fist Bump - Piano ver.Official SEGA productReleased June 29th, 2018Includes 19 tracks2 discs: translucent blue and silver grayDouble gatefold4-page booklet

Official Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Gem Christmas Jumper

Get ready for the holiday season alongside everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog - Sonic! Whilst this 100% knitted jumper won’t give you the ability to run at supersonic speeds, it will certainly make you feel like you’re worth a load of golden rings. Sporting a traditional Nordic design with iconic colours of blue, red and white, this winter garment showcases Sonic ready to spread Christmas cheer in a flash, making it the perfect wardrobe addition for any SEGA fan. 4XL AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: IN STOCK EARLY-MID NOVEMBER. PLEASE NOTE, IF YOUR ORDER CONTAINS A PRE-ORDER ITEM, YOUR ORDER WILL BE SHIPPED ONCE THE PRE-ORDER ITEM IS AVAILABLE.Official SEGA product100% knitted ugly sweater (not printed!)Unisex design and fit, perfect for men and women and can be worn all year roundAvailable in sizes XS - 4XLMachine wash cold

Official Sonic the Hedgehog Candle Holder with Scented Candle

Take home a piece of Sonic the Hedgehog history with this Classic Sonic candle holder with a Green Hill Zone-scened candle! Based on the classic 'Item Box' from the original game, the candle itself sits comfortably in the holder and features 4 recognisable designs; invincibility, one-up, power sneakers and super rings. This is a one of a kind collectible for any fan of Sonic.Official SEGA ProductDesigned by NumskullIncludes 1x candle holder modelled after the classic Item Box and 1x scented candle reminiscent of the Green Hill ZoneHolder approximately 14cm (h) x 12cm (w) x 12cm (d)Watermelon scented

Official Skies of Arcadia Original Soundtrack Vinyl

Composed by Yutaka Minobe and Tatsuyuki Maeda, the Skies of Arcadia soundtrack sets the tone for a wonderful adventure throughout beautiful and varied celestial lands, and plays a crucial part in making the game one of the Dreamcast’s finest titles. It was a technological prowess of its time, thanks to the use of interactive arrangements that changed the mood of the music depending on the land you explored. Some tracks were fully orchestrated and performed by the Skies of Arcadia Symphony Orchestra. The vinyl edition of the Skies of Arcadia Eternal Soundtrack includes 30 tracks from the game on 3 LP discs, presented within a deluxe package featuring a brand new piece of artwork made especially for this edition by Itsuki Hoshi (original designer of Skies of Arcadia). It features three blue 180g vinyl discs (each with its own illustrated sleeve) and a completely new 24-page booklet, including Itsuki Hoshi’s artworks and new comments from the original team. To celebrate this unique legacy, the re-release also features two exclusive piano arrangements newly created by the prodigy Ramon van Engelenhoven, including a majestic, 15-minute medley that will let you experience the world of Arcadia with a fresh outlook, under the brand Wayô Piano Collection. Includes: Opening Theme Main Theme Battle Sky Pirate Hideout Kingdom of Ixa Taka + More!Official SEGA productReleased May 13th, 2019Remastered for the Vinyl sound by Delphi Sound Studio24-page bookletComposers: Yutaka Minobe, Tatsuyuki Maeda

PRE-ORDER Official F4F Sonic and Tails Diorama

Sonic and Tails to the rescue! PRE-ORDER NOW and bring home this stunning diorama inspired by the iconic scene from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 from First4Figures. Standing at 20" tall, it's sure to be the envy of any Sonic fan! PLEASE NOTE, IF YOUR ORDER INCLUDES A PRE-ORDER ITEM YOUR ORDER WILL NOT BE SHIPPED UNTIL ALL ITEMS ARE IN STOCK. DUE SEPTEMBER 2020.Official SEGA productHighly detailed Scorched Jungle base inspired from the theme and style from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Angel Island Zone, Act 1Comes with an authentification cardHeight: 20" (51cm), width: 17" (44cm), depth: 15" (38cm), weight: 7.1kgMade by First4FiguresPre-order item due September 2020